Product Photography

The standard product photography service designed to help you sell more

FREE TRIAL – Take us for a test drive

Hiring a new photography vendor can be nerve racking. Take us for a test drive! Send us a product and we’ll create a free test image for you.

Premium, custom lit photograph of a grey and black clay teapot.

Product Photography is for SELLING

Use product photography to fill the product listings in your online store with crisp, clean, vibrant imagery. It’s also perfect for one sheets, product catalogues, sales collateral, and feature call-outs on product packaging.

As both our most economical, and most popular service, Standard Product Photography packs a real bang for the buck.

Included with our service

Standard product photography comes with everything below. Add-on services are available so you can order the image assets you need, no matter what.

Standard Product Photography is our no-nonsense, get-it-done photography service. All photographs are:

  • Crisp, clean, vibrant images of your product,
  • Color accurate,
  • Created against a pure white – knockout 255 / 255 / 255 – background,
  • Retouched to remove dust and blemishes,
  • Ready for review within 10 business days,
  • Includes a non-transferable, perpetual, unlimited quantity license, and
  • Comes with our unwavering satisfaction guarantee.

Product Photography is the lifeblood of your online store

Whether you realize it or not, product photography is the heartbeat that drives conversion in your online store. Your store will live and die by the quality, angles, and quantity of the photography you use to sell your products online.

With product photography playing such a critical role to your success, do you have someone in your corner making sure you make the best decisions with your budget and photography strategy?

We’ve got your back

We live and breathe product photography. It’s what we do at work. It’s what we dream about at night, and it’s where we love to help people win.

From creating stellar product photography to helping our clients strategize budget spend, we approach each project ready to make things happen.

Ready to get started?

Still have questions?

Our team is here to help you make the best decision you can about product photography. Whether you’re ready to get started, still have questions, or just want to talk things through, we want to hear from you.

How the service works

Our project work flow follows the process below:

  1. We establish a scope and budget.
  2. You ship products to the studio – include return shipping label please!
  3. Upon arrival, we inspect and queue your products, touching base about any issues or concerns.
  4. We photograph and retouch your product images.
  5. You review fully retouched product images and provide comment as necessary
  6. Upon final approval, we unlock your photos and return your products.

It’s a pretty seamless, stress free process, and it’s about as close to “set and forget” as you can get for this type of work. Talk about stress free!

Working with our team

Unless you’re in the greater Denver, CO region, we’re a remote vendor… but we’re anything but distant!

Our team knows that communication is key to successful working relationships. We keep you appraised as your products make their way through our workflow. We help you create your shot list, let you know if products are damaged when they arrive, and make sure you’re happy with any creative decisions we have to make throughout the project.

We’re available weekdays from 8:30 – 5:00PM MST… and if for some reason we miss you, we’ll follow up ASAP.