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Product Photography

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ALWAYS EXPECT crisp, clean, vibrant product photography. Now you can control your budget too, with three product service levels.

All projects have a budget, and most have performance criteria. You know what your project requires to be considered a success. Is it the creative? Maybe it’s elevating the image of your product. Or, do you need to fill your listings with quality product photographs?

Whatever your criteria, you can steward your budget well by paying only for the quality and creative you need.


Standard product photography
A paper coffee bag is photographed against a clean white background

Standard product photography captures the look, features, and functions of your product against a clean white background. These images are ready to hustle in your online store or print catalogue.

Standard product photography is the service for you if you need:

  • images for Amazon, Etsy, E-bay, an online store, or print catalogue;
  • to simply show the features of your product;
  • a consistent look across your entire store, but are on a tight budget; or
  • a professional aesthetic on a budget.


Premium product photography
A paper coffee bag is photographed against a wood background.

Evoke desire with photography that emphasizes form and texture with custom lighting and, when requested, simple sets.

Premium product photography is perfect for you if you need:

  • to stand out in a crowded market,
  • your audience feel something when they see your product,
  • to create an online store that stands out,
  • simple photo assets for an ad campaign, or
  • hero images on a budget.


Custom product photography
This is an custom photograph of a paper bag of coffee on a reclaimed wood set.

Custom product photographs are designed from the ground up and can include custom sets, props, models, compositing, and full professional retouching.

Custom product photography is the pinnacle of your campaign’s photography, and is perfect if you need:

  • iconic imagery,
  • photography that positions your product at the center your customer’s aspirations,
  • photography for advertisements, or
  • images for your landing page or above the fold content.

On-Location Photography

Better | Best

On-location photography is about telling the story of your product. Who created it, how was it made, what makes your company and brand special? Whether you need content for your social media accounts, or iconic photography for your website, we’ve got you covered.

We offer multiple location photography service levels to ensure you get the images you need at a price point that makes sense.


Standard location photography
An alapaca is photographed outdoors

Your product may be world-class, but it’s the story of your people and purpose that will captivate your audience. How are you pulling them in?

Location photography is a great tool for capturing the heart of your brand or business. Use it to demonstrate real people, doing real things that really impact your product and customers.


Custom location photography
A brown-haired woman models alpaca fiber hat, scarf, and gloves

Custom location photography is designed photography that tells a very intentional story;
standard location photography shares your people, events, processes, and locations.

Custom location photography is our location-equivalent to custom product photography. This is the type of imagery you need if you want to celebrate what you do in an annual report or advertisement. Custom location photography is an involved process that involves storyboarding, location scouting, and lots of team work.

It’s perfect for your business if you need:

  • to get your investors or consumers excited about an new process or product line
  • to elevate the imagery in your annual reports
  • to show off your amazing new facility
  • to share your amazing team with the world using exceptional portraits.