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Great Product Photography Matters

Engage | Demonstrate | Trust

Over 42% of US consumers made online purchases in 2017, and online sales are expected to double between 2016 and 2020.

As online retail continues it’s meteoric rise, competition will increase and the resources dedicated to capturing online sales will continue to grow.

Online retailers use a basket of tools to drive conversion; product photography is a big one. When executed well, product photography creates desire, demonstrates product features, and establish trust with the consumer. When executed poorly, it accomplishes the opposite.

Something to learn from brick and mortar

Floor and shelving show products displayed in a retail, grocery store, environment.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

High end products are on display in a modern, experimental retail environment.

Photo by Xianjuan HU on Unsplash

In the world of brick and mortar, companies use product packaging and merchandising to evoke desire at the moment of purchase decision. The designed elements influence a consumer as they stand looking at products on a shelf. The packaging can recall strong emotions created by an ad campaign, or it can create a reaction from the shelf.

Web design, and product photography are online analogues to merchandising and package design. A great web designer will influence a user’s flow through a webstore and position products, offers, and calls to action at very intentional moments along the user’s path. It’s the same thought process a merchandiser uses to arrange products and floor plans to influence consumer purchases and maximize profit.

Great product photography should be expected to play a complimentary role to product packaging and web design in the online environment. It should get the attention of the consumer; beckon them as they’re browsing the store. It should be a siren for your product.

WHY: Great product photography sells

At the studio, we’re always reminding people that the single purpose of product photography is to help you sell more product. To do this, it needs to:

• Create interest and curiosity within the consumer,
• Build trust between the consumer and seller, and
• Re-create the experience of handling a product in the store.

Like cheap, shoddy packaging, cheap shoddy photography won’t accomplish it’s purpose. Instead, it will communicate that your company is cheap. The production quality will speak more loudly than your product. Obviously, that’s a bad thing!

Conversely, effective product photography will get the consumer’s attention, create interest in the product, and answer the consumer’s questions.

A detail image of black, faux leather captured in a studio in Lakewood, CO.

Rich vibrant colors, and crisp, clear images are eye catching. People notice bright colors and contrast. Detail shots, and images that show off features will answer shopper’s questions.

Colorful bars of handcrafted soap are photographed against a background made from reclaimed wood.

COST: The hidden cost of cheap photography

Better photography does cost more, but cheap photography is money wasted. Photographs that don’t help you convert, cost you money in un-realized revenue.

Take the time to think about visual strategy, then find a photographer that can work with you to create the great product photographs you need to effectively sell your goods.

Product photography, like everything in business, is best when done intentionally. And that’s what we’re here to help you do!

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