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Product Photography for Amazon Sellers
Part 2 of 2: Supporting images

In this series, we are discussing some great ways to leverage product photography into Amazon sales. In Part 1 we talked about how to maximize the utility of your MAIN images. Recall that the single purpose of your main image is to get potential customers to click on your product and start down the path of making a purchase.

In this post we’re going to talk about what happens next; your potential customer has clicked on your product and is now considering whether or not to make a purchase. How do we help them get to a “yes” decision? We:

  1. Assume they have questions about your product,
  2. Pre-emptively answer their questions, and
  3. Remove risk from the purchase / product.

Each bullet should be addressed through your seller practices, copy, and photography. Because I am a product photographer, I will be focus on photography.

1. Consumers Have Questions about your Amazon Product

Whether your buyer realizes it or not, there are always questions involved in the purchasing process.

Remember the first time you bought a smart phone? Maybe you were looking at the flagship phones for Samsung and Apple – how did you decide between the two? What were the features that were most important to you?

No matter the purchase, consumers think the same way each time they buy a new product.

When they buy a kneeling chair, they may be concerned with comfort, quality, portability, and how it will impact their back pain. When they buy coffee, they think about cost, flavor, fair trade, convenience, and their relationship with the local roaster… you get the idea.

The takeaway here is that there are always questions, and YOU, as the seller, need to know what they are so you can provide the answers.

If you don’t know what the most common questions are about your product, ask! When considering purchasing a product in your category, what features are important? It can be difficult to reach the actual customers on Amazon, so just set up a little focus group of people in your community: friends, family, general public. It won’t take many conversations before you discover trends that can inform how you structure your copy and photography.

2. Answer Customer’s Questions

Remember – the purpose of the supporting product photography on your page is to sell more products. The right images will improve your conversion rate by answering the questions being asked by potential customers.

Let’s go back to the kneeling chair example. Some of the questions a shopper might ask include:

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Can I easily roll it around the office?
  • How will it affect my back pain?
  • Is it well constructed?

The right photographs will immediately answer each question, thus building confidence in your product and brand. It’s pretty magical, actually!

3. Removing risk from the purchase

Risk is a halting thing during the purchasing process. It keeps consumers from reaching the finish line and it causes them to abandon shopping carts… yuck. Photography will both eliminate, and turn risk into excitement / confidence.

Show your customers how amazing their life might be when they get your product. Get them excited! Show them how amazing their life will be, and show them in the most beautiful, compelling, intriguing way you can.

Going back to the kneeling chair, could someone who purchases that chair reasonably expect to have a better sitting experience? ABSOLUTELY!

Or what about insulated wine tumblers and bottles? Could someone use such a product to take their wine with them on an adventure? YES!

By showing shoppers what life could be like with your product, you’re helping them imagine what their life could be… how it could be better. More comfortable, more adventurous… more fulfilled. Deep down, we all want life to be a little better. Help you customers find that “little better” today.

From Apple to GoPro we’ve all been caught up in the life a product could help us experience. Take a note from the big guys and help your customers do the same thing. Use the best looking people and show them having the best time imaginable with your product – is it subtle? NO. Does it work? YES!

Another way product photography eliminates risk is by building the credibility of your brand. Brand design, by definition, affects brand perception. Photography is part of that bundle. Is your photography cheap, unprofessional, dull, and boring? What does that say about your brand?

Crisp, clean, vibrant photography will always strengthen the credibility of a brand in the mind of the consumer; a company that pays attention to the details in their marketing pays attention to the details in the customer experience and product… it’s all sales and marketing after all!


To summarize, once a shopper gets to your product page, we need to try to do three things:

  1. Anticipate the shopper’s questions.
  2. Answer the shopper’s questions.
  3. Turn risk into excitement.

By intentionally crafting your image pack, you can accomplish all three and increase your conversions. It’s what we do with our clients every day.

If you need help with product photography for the products you sell on Amazon, check out the service we created just for you: Product Photography for Amazon Sellers.

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